Sunday, 27 September 2015

Parallel Parking

DDS Cumming is better for new drivers to give test but may be not so favorable for existing drivers who are driving for many years. Reason:

1. It is good for new drivers because, roads they follow are having comparatively less traffic as compared to other DDS around. Since, this center is far off the main Atlanta city.

2. it’s bad for old drivers, because || parking place is divided in two categories: one for normal cars and one for commercial vehicles. Result is, the || parking place they have in Cumming for normal cars is as per actual standards as prescribed by Georgia Law. [Which is close to 22 x10. A little bit less than actual standards around 21.xx into 9.xx    ]

On the other hand || parking place in other DMV's like Sandy springs and Norcross use same || parking place for commercial and normal vehicles, so dimensions in other DMV's is bigger and it is easier to pass in || parking.


34.22577 -84.10736

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